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The Story Of Atlas and Rose

” Love has no boundaries and neither do the stories we tell.”

Since childhood, it’s been a tradition for my father and me to do yearly road trips. Before the days of Mapquest and smartphones, as hard as it is to imagine, we had to plan them out the old fashion way with books and atlases. We always brought an atlas with us and as his passenger, it was my job to navigate us to our next destination. Most of the time, we purposely went off course and made numerous pit stops to see the random landmarks we hadn’t planned on! We may not use traditional atlases now, but we’ve continued that tradition of creating a memorable journey that we’ll always appreciate.

Just like road trips, I believe that love itself is a road trip where you’ll create timeless moments along the way. That old saying goes, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” In this stage of your journey, I hope to be a part of it by documenting the timeless moments that you can showcase to others.

As the lead for my wedding studio, it’s my goal to capture your memories that you can plaster all over your social media and around the house! Documenting your day is not just about capturing timeless moments; it’s about celebrating a new landmark within a developing story that’s entering a new chapter.

– Brian Angers / Founder and Lead Shooter

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